The future of local community building in a post-pandemic world.

You can feel it in the air - things are changing, rapidly. The pandemic that swept across the world has altered our lives in countless ways. But while the world may never be the same again, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, we can look forward to a brighter future, one where our interactions with each other are richer, more meaningful, and more rewarding than ever before. Why? Because we know what we're missing. We've had a taste of isolation, of distance, of disconnection. And now, we're coming back together with a newfound appreciation for what it means to be part of a community.

For those in the business of building and running local communities, this is an exciting time. The challenges we faced during the pandemic have spurred us on to innovate, to experiment, and to push the boundaries of what's possible. And now, as restrictions ease and people begin to venture out again, we're ready to take our efforts to the next level. Here are just a few of the trends we're seeing in the world of local community building, and how they're shaping the future of our societies.

Embracing hybrid events

One thing that became clear during the pandemic is that online events can be just as engaging and rewarding as in-person ones. In some cases, they can even be better - allowing people from all around the world to connect with each other in ways that would be impossible without technology. But despite this, in-person events aren't going away anytime soon. There's something special about being in the same room with others, feeling the energy and excitement of the group.

The future, then, is hybrid. Events that combine online and in-person elements, making the most of both worlds. For example, a local community group might hold a monthly networking event that's primarily in-person, but also has a virtual component for those who can't make it in person. Or they might have an online meetup that's followed up with an in-person gathering, allowing people to take their connections to the next level.

The key is to be flexible, and to create events that work for everyone. Some people will prefer online, while others will crave the energy of in-person gatherings. By offering both options, local community groups can cater to a wider range of needs and tastes.

Focusing on sustainability

The pandemic has made us all more aware of our impact on the environment. As we emerge from our homes and return to our communities, many of us are looking for ways to make a positive contribution to the world around us. This is where local community groups can step up, by focusing on sustainability and environmentalism.

For example, a community gardening group might encourage members to grow their own food, reducing their reliance on supermarkets and supporting local agriculture. A walking group might organise litter-picking events, keeping local parks and trails free of trash. A recycling group might run educational campaigns, teaching people about the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Not only does this help the environment, but it also creates a sense of purpose and connection within the group. By working together towards a common goal, members can build lasting bonds and make a real difference in their local area.

Empowering local businesses

Many local businesses have struggled during the pandemic, as people turned to online shopping and avoided physical stores. But this is changing, as people rediscover the joys of shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Local community groups can help to accelerate this trend, by empowering local businesses and creating a sense of community around them.

For example, a local buy-local campaign might encourage people to shop at independent stores and restaurants, rather than chains. A small business networking group might connect entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. A community market might take place on a regular basis, giving artisans and craftspeople a space to showcase their work.

By championing local businesses, local community groups can create a virtuous cycle of support and growth. The more people shop locally, the stronger the local economy becomes - and the more opportunities there are for businesses to thrive.

Prioritising wellbeing

The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health, leaving many of us feeling anxious, depressed, and isolated. As we look to rebuild our communities, it's essential that we prioritise wellbeing and connection. Local community groups can play a vital role in this, by creating spaces where people feel safe, supported, and valued.

For example, a mental health support group might offer regular meetups and workshops, providing a space for people to share their experiences and learn from each other. A mindfulness group might run regular meditation sessions, helping people to find calm and clarity in a chaotic world. A social group might organise regular get-togethers, giving people a chance to connect and build friendships.

By focusing on wellbeing, local community groups can make a real difference in people's lives. They can create a sense of belonging and purpose, helping people to feel more grounded and resilient in the face of adversity.


The future of local community building is bright. As we emerge from the pandemic, we're more aware than ever of the importance of connection, support, and community. Local groups are well-placed to meet this need, by embracing hybrid events, focusing on sustainability, empowering local businesses, and prioritising wellbeing. By doing so, they can create meaningful, rewarding experiences for their members, and contribute to a brighter, more resilient society.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're not already involved in a local community group, now's the time to join. Whether you're interested in gardening, fitness, cooking, or anything in between, there's sure to be a group near you that would love to welcome you into their fold. And if there's not, why not start one yourself? Who knows - you might just be the catalyst that brings your community together and creates a brighter future for us all.

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